Projects and Assignments

Selected take home Projects and Assignments from my Courses

Most of my courses have a compulsory individual take home project or assignment.

The projects and assignments I set for my students are most typically meant to familiarize them with how actual business is conducted outside of the classrooms. Theory must go hand in hand with praxis, and I am proud to note that my students have managed to do so to a great extent -- these projects and assignments created by them are the proof!

The following List provides you with some of the better assignments I had received as part of the course work.

I wish my students the best in their well intentioned endeavors.

Featured Resources


Comprehensive Project - EFAAC


Continuous Assignment 1 FAM


Continuous Assignment 3


Continuous Assignment 5

For solutions to any of the assignments or other related queries, you can contact me.

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This list excludes a good number of handwritten assignments (some of them were really fantastic). I salute the students for the good work done.

Often, I make use of this framework to evaluate such assignments.

Please note that the assignments do contain a few errors. But they had been picked for something they had what other assignments did not (or, I possibly overlooked them).

These resources are now categorised by Subject.

Click on the Subject to view the Projects and Assignments.

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Group Project Guidelines

Download all 8 resources from here: Miscellaneous (4.0 MB)
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2018 Anchors of Leadership - XLRI

2012 Financial Reporting and control - IIM Ranchi

2011 Accenture Finance for HR - XLRI

Images in this section are from my Professional Life and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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