About me

Academic Career, Education and Early Life

The pan-cultural influences from my formative years along the banks of Godavari have helped shaped me as a person.

Professional Life

I joined IIM Raipur as Director in March 2022, prior to it I was at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) as professor. Earlier, I was faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), XLRI Jamshedpur and LBSNAA Mussoorie. Abroad, I worked as an academic in Denmark, Nigeria, Singapore, and the UAE.

My research interest lies in the areas of Financial Accounting and Analysis, Leadership in Public Administration, and Corporate Strategy.


Personal Life

I was born and brought up in a Marwari-Maheshwari household in Rajahmundry, along the banks of Godavari, and was thus exposed to the rich cultural heritage of coastal Andhra Pradesh from a very young age.

The pan-cultural influences from my formative years have helped shaped me as a person.

The section Early Life explores those years of my life.



I believe, there is much to learn from everyone that I meet and hence education for me is a continuous process.

The Education section not only lists my formal schooling and higher education, but also the courses and certifications I have undertaken over the years to keep feeding my curious brain. In order to be a good teacher and mentor, it is essential to keep pushing one’s own boundaries of knowledge and be open to new ideas.

Education Journey

It would appear I’ve been extremely lucky… However, Luck must work hand-in-hand with Hardwork, Confidence and Focus to channel one’s intelligence, for optimum results.

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... towards a Sustainable Green Venture that has a social development facet... It is only a germ of an idea at the moment, and by 2030 I may even be ready to dedicate myself fully to setting up an NGO.

It's always been a passion of mine to give back to the community, and I've tried to do that as an educator.

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Website History

I am thankful for the many people who have worked hard on this website. It was first set up in 2005, and over the years they have worked hard on this website and helped me maintain it with regular updates.

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Images in this section are from my Friends and Family and Education collections.

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