Miscellaneous Articles

White Papers and Research Monographs edited and published.

Post Covid-19 World: Scenarios and opportunities for major sectors of the economy

Sarkar, Ashutosh, Krishnan T. N., Rajesh S Upadhyayula, Ram Kumar Kakani and Rudra Sensarma
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, IIMK White Paper, IIMK/WHS/01/OB&HR/2021/01, Mar. 2021

Determinants of financial performance of Indian corporate sector in the post-liberalization era: An exploratory study

Kakani Ram Kumar, Biswatosh Saha & V Nagi Reddy
NSE Research Initiative Paper No. 5, National Stock Exchange of India, Nov. 2001

Value added services: Emerging partnerships

Ram Kumar Kakani and Jackson P. Fernandez
Voice & Data, May 2007

Understanding technology in education

Ram Kumar Kakani and Ashis K Pani
IL&FS Focus, Education World,, pp. 30, Mar. 2005

Listed firms and economic growth

Ram Kumar Kakaniand Biswatosh Saha
ICFAI Chartered Financial Analyst, Apr. 2004

The Gucci-LVMH battle analysis

Ram Kumar Kakani
ICFAI Case Folio (by invitation), Jan. 2003

Firm performance and size in liberalized era

Ram Kumar Kakani and M Kaul
Prabandhan, Vol. 1 (3), pp. 17-27, Jul. 2002

Does ownership pattern influence shareholder value

Ram Kumar Kakani
ICFAI Reader (by invitation), pp. 59-61, Nov. 2001

Corporate performance determinants: An econometric analysis

Ram Kumar Kakani, B Saha and V N Reddy
NSE NEWS, pp. 3-8, Apr. 2001

Managing Risk

Ram Kumar Kakani
Ramanujam Management Review, pp. 2-4, Nov. 1997

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