Refereed Research

In the past, my research interest has skated the intersection between Corporate Finance, Corporate Strategy and Financial Analysis.

I also delved into areas such as Capital Market Anomalies and Corporate Governance. My research work in the period 2006-2012 veered towards the area of Strategic Management. Within the same, there was a conscious effort to focus more on developmental issues and thus, I ended up publishing on topics such as Land Acquisitions, Microfinance in Bangladesh, Review of a Government Scheme (Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojana), and Mobile Value Added Services.

Going forward, I would like to focus my learning & research interests on specific issues within Management and Public Administration under the realm of Finance-Strategy-Performance Trilogy with developmental implications; such as:

(a) India’s Public Administration & Leadership linkages, and
(b) Indian Business Groups: Interactions between Organizational Structure, Strategy, & Ownership.

Journal Articles

Journal Articles published from refereed research.

Book Chapters

Book Chapters made available by various publishers from our co-authored books.


Proceedings and developments published from refereed research.

Images in this section are from my Professional Life and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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