Invited National and International Conferences, and Research Seminars

Conference service and participation.


Strategic Leadership Education: Developing a Sustainable Framework for Leadership Education *

Guest speaker

'Murtala Muhammed Foundation (MMF) Conference' (Lagos, Nigeria), Sep. 2013

International Conference on regenerative Ecosystems (ICRE 2023)

Paper presented titled: 'Regenerative Ecosystems – An Experimental, Replicable IIM Raipur Prototype'

Panellist for a Panel discussion on the topic 'Role of youth, Strengthening Democracy'

National Seminar Conducted by Hidayatullah National Law University (Aug 5 2023)

2020 Globalizing Indian Thought

Session Chair, Governance and Leadership, Jan. 2020 (IIM, Kozhikode: India)

Healthcare Start-up

... with Ravi Shankar Mishra, Health Tech Track, TiE Inflect (formerly known as TiEcon), hosted by TiE Silicon Valley, the world’s largest entrepreneurship conference, 2018 TiE Inflect Conference, May 2018 (Santa Clara, U.S.A)

How to Prevent Plans from Derailing: A Stakeholder Approach

... with APM Mohammad Hanish and Gayathri Iyer, Critical Incident Presentations, Society for Case Research (SCR), 2018 MBAA-SCR Conference, Apr. 2018 (Chicago, U.S.A)

Identifying Business-Political Connections and their Determinants in India

... with Vivek Kumar and Munish Thakur, 2013 SMS Special Conference on "Strategic Leadership: An Emerging Markets Perspective" of the Strategic Management Society (SMS), Dec. 2013 (Mohali, India)

Emerging Economies – Governance, Institutional Change and Best Practices

Session Discussant, at the International Conference, January 2012 (Symbiosis; International School of Business, Pune, India)

Towards Industrial Revival of West Bengal—New Directions and Policies

... with T L Raghuram, Session Discussant, Joint Seminar, September 2011 (IIMB-IIMC: India)

Food-for-work Program - Issue of Strategy Planning & Implementation

... with Biswatosh Saha, at the 8th Strategic Management Forum (SMF) Convention, May 2005 (IIFM Bhopal, India)

3rd Annual Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Initial Public Offerings (EVI) Conference

May 2004 (Tuck School of Business, New Hampshire, USA)

Silverline Technologies - Falling from Grace

... with Himanshu Raj, at the 7th SMF Convention, May 2004 (IIM Indore, India)

Management Education: A Framework for Grading

... with P Venugopal, at the 7th South Asian Management Forum of Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), Apr. 2002 (AMDISA, Male', Maldives)

Diversification Strategy of Indian Business Groups

... with N Ramachandran, at the 4th Academy of Business & Administrative Sciences (ABAS) conference, Jul. 2001 (St. Bonaventure University, Brussels, Belgium)

Has Diversification Failed in Generating Value in India too?

... with N Ramachandran, at the 4th SMF Convention, May 2001 (IIM Ahmedabad, India)

Financial Performance Determinants - A Soft Computing Approach

... with K M Rajesh, at the Asia Pacific Finance Association (APFA) conference, Apr. 2001 (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)

Corporate Strategy for Indian Companies in Power Sector

... with Satish K Sehgal & K M Rajesh, at the 8M IIFT and JIMS Research Paper Conference, Feb. 2001 (JIMS, Delhi)

Sustainable Corporate Growth

... with Ramaswamy Sridev, at the MDI Delphique Management convention, Oct. 1997 (Management Development Institute, Gurgaon). Won Best Paper Award

* Image and video courtesy: Murtala Muhammed Foundation (MMF) Conference 2013 (Lagos, Nigeria)

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