As an interested reader of management related studies, especially Corporate India, I have been extremely fascinated by the strategic changes that take place within the economic spectrum and that has led me to do a wide review and write.

Eventually this gave me an impetus to share my knowledge and experience in this field with people who are interested especially the students group. Hence, the need for publishing works came to me as a flash of lightning and thereafter, I saw my books successfully meeting the readers’ eye.

More Publications

I have listed here a few of my research publications, newspaper articles, papers read during conferences, and invited seminar presentations.

Hope these works give you an insight into my life as an Academic Professional while also serving as a help to students if they decide to channelize it correctly in their particular assignments.

Case Publications

Case Publications both in National and International contexts and scenarios.


Invited National and International Conferences and Research Seminars.

Papers and Articles

On business and financial analysis related to business groups, etc.

Refereed Research

I tend to research... because it gives me the kicks... It also keeps me in shape by giving me a basic idea about the fields.


'Financial Performance and Diversification Strategy of Indian Business Groups'.


Invited Research Seminars and Presentations of both National and International.

Images in this section are from my Professional and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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