Training Resources

Resources developed at LBSNAA and other institutions.

During 2008-12, I focused a decent amount of my time & resources on executive training.

This skill got honed during 2012-14 at LBSNAA, the India’s apex public administration training institute. This happened – especially given my role as director of the Government of India’s National Center for Leadership Development & Competency Assessment (NCLDCA).

I've not only created a pool of Leadership Development trainers, but also became one. Thus, I was a frequent facilitator, trainer and coach on Leadership Development modules. Thus, my introduction to the beautiful domain of soft skills training and leadership development happened.

I now – appreciate the importance to the softer aspects of an organization (and human beings). Lately, I’ve restricted this type of work to only invitations from India’s premier public administration training institutes – Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), Hyderabad. I love spending time with such trainer communities within Government setups.

Someday, I hope to understand the Indian civil servants better and look forward to documenting some of my training experiences – and related learnings.

The above also gives me an impetus to share my knowledge and experience with interested folks – especially in picking up the androgogical tools in the Leadership Development domain.


Contemporary Lessons

Lesson 1: Values and Value Dilemmas

Being a leader is far from easy; actions and behaviours of leaders are under close observation by their followers as well as their opponents. Experience shows that leaders seldom lose their followers or their position because of low performance but more often by acting against organisational or societal values, for example and integrity.

Operating in a volatile environment with many unknowns, uncertainties and high pressure lead to value conflicts and dilemmas often faced by leaders.

Discover more about Values and Value Dilemmas with a Contemporary Lesson.


Case Development Competency Training

Insights on Emerging Markets Case Studies from Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets (IEEM) 2021.


Life as a Trainer

I have always been interested in an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge.

At LBSNAA I primarily designed and taught the Management Module for Civil Service Officers.

Know more

These shared resources have largely been developed at LBSNAA in collaboration with partners such as CCL and GIZ.

I’d like to especially acknowledge my learnings from Shri Padamveer Singh IAS (Retd.), Shri Mohan Damotharan (GIZ Consultant), Shri Hinrich Mercker (GIZ Germany), Ms Anita Sharma (GIZ Program Manager), Ms Christine Bigdon, Shri Ziaul Hoda (GIZ India), Shri Anupam Siribhaiya (CCL), Shri Pankaj Sethi (CCL), Shri Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Shri Rajesh Arya IPS, Shri Sanjeev Chopra IAS, Ms Roli Singh IAS, Shri Prem Singh Bogzi IAS, Ms Nidhi Sharma IRS, Ms Ranjana Chopra IAS, Shri Sanjeev Vasudev, and many other CCL, GIZ and LBSNAA co-trainers and training members in co-creating all of these tools.

Material from LBSNAA

Material from LBSNAA

Talks on Leadership

Leadership is an innate quality. But without proper nurturing it cannot be brought to fruition.

Motivational Talks

To be able to create, innovate and be leaders of change, a dose of motivation is essential ingredient.

Session Videos

Sessions conducted on special topics to supplement classroom teaching. To be updated as and when new sessions are conducted.


Academic Career

This section chronicles my work so far at IIMK, XLRI and LBSNAA along with my sabbaticals. As and when I undertake new adventures in the professional sphere, I shall endeavor to refresh it.


Awards and Grants

Awards, Grants, and Honors that I am proud of, which includes popularity of my papers, case publications and accolades towards my other publications.


Curriculum Vitae

Over the years I’ve taught several courses, and currently heading the Governance Centre at IIM K. My detailed CV gives a comprehensive idea about my interests and endeavours.

Images in this section are from my Professional Life and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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