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International Case Publications

Don't let it derail: The District Head's Dilemma

Varma Harikishnan and Ram Kumar Kakani
The Case Journal. Emerald Publishing, 2021. DOI 10.1108/TCJ-10-2020-0145

Governing Changes in Government: The Water Story of Mahabubnagar

Varma Harikishnan, James Poovathingal and Ram Kumar Kakani
The Case Journal. Emerald Publishing, 2021. DOI 10.1108/TCJ-02-2021-0032

Can Rakesh Acquire Land for a Factory? A Stakeholder Approach

Hanish Mohammed A., Ram Kumar Kakani and Gaurav M. Marathe
SAGE Business Cases. SAGE Publications Ltd., 2020. 10.4135/9781529706611

Conflict Management by a Police Leader

Balasubramanian, Girish, Gaurav Marathe & Ram Kumar Kakani
Journal: SAGE Business Cases, SBC-18-0204

A Day in the Life of a District Magistrate

Kakani Ram Kumar & Gaurav Marathe
Journal: SAGE Business Cases, SBC-17-0041; 2018 [ISBN: 9781526437310]

Creating a Customized Balanced Scorecard: Assessing and Optimizing Processes and Practices

Kakani Ram Kumar, Santosh Sangem & Karunanidhy Thavaseelan
Journal: SAGE Business Cases, SBC-18-0040; 2019 [ISBN: 9781526465924]

Sense-Making Framework for Effective Leadership

Marathe Gaurav & Ram Kumar Kakani
Journal: SAGE Business Cases, SBC-17-0021; 2018 [ISBN: 9781526436184]

The Himalayan Challenge: Scale or Fail?

Kakani Ram Kumar & Monika Verma
Journal of Critical Incidents, Volume 10; Fall 2017

Samrira International: Dilemma of the Next Stage

Kakani Ram Kumar
The Case Centre, LBS Case Reference # 314-040-1. Feb. 2014 (assisted by Kingsley Ejiofor)

Lehman Brothers' Fall

Kakani Ram Kumar, Vasudha Singhania & Martin Stack
Richard Ivey School of Business: Ivey Case Publishing. Case Reference no. 9B12B005. May, 2012

Silverline Technologies Limited, Fall of an IT Giant: A Case of 'Careless Carefulness' or 'Careful Carelessness'?

Kakani Ram Kumar, Siddhartha Saran & Santosh Sangem
Ecch on-line database, Case Reference No. 111-044-1. Aug. 2011

Barings private equity partners limited: Banking services for the poor in Bangladesh

Kakani, Ram Kumar & Munish Thakur
Richard Ivey School of Business: Ivey Case Publishing. Case No. 9B09MB092. Aug. 2009

Case adopted by many top business schools as part of their course plan.

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Translated into Chinese, Ivey Case Publishing, Case 9B09MB092. 2013.

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National Case Publications

Revisiting Gandhigiri for Managerial Skills

Kakani Ram Kumar & Basant Purohit
XLRI Case Development Center (XLCDC), Case XLRI151518. 2015

Images in this section are from my Professional Life and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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