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The objective is to help students make a sound comprehension of the concept

Any teacher will always tend to give his two bits of suggestions, given that in this profession we always tend to end up professing and advising, etc., but as the saying goes - old habits... die hard.

This section is an outcome of academic experiences.

The objective is to make the students' comprehension of the concept sound so that they can use it while doing projects, assignments, researching, or for further curriculum skill reinforcement.

Others might also find them interesting.

Hope you will find this section useful.

Going forward, I also wish to learn more and improve myself. Hence, positive suggestions are most welcome.

These pages are largely an outcome of large amount of efforts put out by my students.

I'd not only acknowledge their contribution and hard work but also wish to thank them for their good work in enhancing the learning value of my course. I remain grateful to them. In fact, these resources are just an iota of the value addition my students and teachers have given to me.

Course Outlines

As an educator, the challenge is to keep the course content relevant and up-to-date. In my 20 plus years of teaching, I have strived to create courses that reflect the changes shaping our world.

Projects and Assignments

The projects and assignments I set for my students are most typically meant to familiarize them with how actual business is conducted outside of the classrooms. Theory must go hand in hand with praxis, and I am proud to note that my students have managed to do so to a great extent.


Having travelled widely teaching and training students both young and old, Presentations, I’ve realized are highly effective in a world where everyone’s attention span is too short! Archived here are some of my interesting presentations.

Question Papers and Caselets

I love creating puzzles and as such my particular skill lies in creating question papers and quiz games to flummox students thereby forcing them to think innovatively. Cases and caselets are also great pedagogical tools to teach students how theory can be applied to real situations.

My Teaching Ambitions

I have been fond of learning... The impression that my teachers and mentors left on me, is the kind of impression I wish to leave on my students.

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Formal Feedback

While my teaching feedback has not been the highest among all the faculty teaching in a term or semester (typically, about 7-8 courses run at the same time at XLRI), yet it has never been the lowest as such.

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Awards and Grants

Awards, Grants, and Honors that I am proud of, which includes popularity of my papers, case publications and accolades towards my other publications.

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Images in this section are from my Professional Life and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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