Hello and Namaskar ji

I am Ram Kumar Kakani.

Welcome to my virtual space that summarizes my professional journey so far. I am glad you are here and it clearly indicates that we must be having something in common.

I am an academician at heart and fortunately by profession. Currently, I’m Director of IIM Raipur.

Earlier, I was a Professor and Head (Centre for Governance) at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), prior to it I was faculty at XLRI Jamshedpur and LBSNAA Mussoorie. Abroad, I worked as an academic in Denmark, Nigeria, Singapore, and the UAE.

So far so good but a lot more to explore and achieve.


Be the change that you want to see in others

Areas of Interest

I started my career as a technocrat in the corporate sector and shifted to the academic world, focusing on Finance-Performance-Strategy.

Lately, I moved towards the Leadership domain to explore socially impactful initiatives aimed at Public Administration, including holding the role of Director at the Government of India’s National Centre for Leadership Development and Competency Assessment (NCLDCA).

My co-authored books reflect my areas of interest in the past and in the present.


As an interested reader of management related studies, especially Corporate India and Public Administration, I've been extremely fascinated by the strategic changes that take place within the economic spectrum and that has led me to do a wide review and write on the subject.

More Publications

I actively engage myself in writing Cases, Articles, and Working Papers.


Case Publications in both National and International contexts

I tend to research... because it gives me the kicks... It also keeps me in shape by giving me a basic idea about the fields

On business and financial analysis related to business groups



Contemporary Lessons


Lesson 1: Values and Value Dilemmas

Being a leader is far from easy - actions and behaviours of leaders are under close observation by their followers as well as their opponents. Operating in a volatile environment with many unknowns, uncertainties and high pressure lead to value conflicts and dilemmas often faced by leaders.

Discover more about Values and Value Dilemmas with a Contemporary Lesson.

More Learning Resources

As an academician, I love my role as a trainer as it not only allows me to upskill the professionals on certain specific traits and competency that are required to function effectively in their current or new positions, but also help me to learn in the process and become a better educator and trainer.

I have a vast collection of academics related materials which I like to share with the learners. The materials are even used by the educators to teach their students. It includes Course Outlines, Presentations, Projects and Assignments, and Question Papers and Caselets from the courses that I have taught in the past.



The one stop destination for all Learning Resources...








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I'd like to hear from you always!

Gallery at KAKANI.NET

Come visit the Gallery to have a glimpse of my life at learning, teaching, travelling places, and spending time with my friends and family.


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