Career with XLRI Jamshedpur

Before joining the IIM Kozhikode, I have taught at the XLRI (Xavier School of Management), Jamshedpur, for nearly two decades starting from 2001.

A Journey of Growth: Two Decades of Teaching, Learning, and Beyond

I joined XLRI as an Assistant Professor before getting promoted to Associate Professor in 2006.

On my return from LBSNAA, I re-joined XLRI as a Professor.

Over the years I’ve taught the following MBA core courses at XLRI:

  • Anchors of Leadership (2018-19)
  • Corporate Valuation (2015-17)
  • Financial Accounting (2004-06, 2008-12, and 2015-18)
  • Financial Management (2001-05, 2008-13)
  • Strategic Management (2003 and 2008-11)

Institutional Service: My Roles and Responsibilities at XLRI

My work at XLRI has never been limited to teaching.

I have always been actively involved in institution building wherever I have worked.

At XLRI, I have served in the following capacities:

  • Associate Dean (Virtual Interactive Learning): 2004-06, 2016-18

 This program was operated by way of a technological alliance between the XLRI and the virtual classroom technology provider’s viz., Unified Collaboration Services (UCS), HughesNet, TechMahindra, TalentEdge and others. It has multiple programmes (3 Postgraduate Certification Programmes and over 20 eMDP) with more than 1500 executives enrolled as students from all over India.

  • President, XLRI Staff Cooperative Credit Society: 2002-04, 2016-19
  • Member, XLRI Faculty Review Committee: 2016- 19
  • Associate Dean, Corporate Programs: 2012
  • Member, Students Discipline Report for AACSB accreditation: 2011
  • Chairperson, Strategic Management Area: 2004-06
  • Coordinator, Faculty Best Practices Committee: 2005
  • Usher, 2nd Annual Satellite Programs Convocation Ceremony: May 2005
  • Joint Coordinator & Instructor,  Management Teachers Course titled 'Strategic Management' held by SMF-AICTE-XLRI collaboration: 2005
  • Joint Coordinator, Management Teachers Course titled 'Designing Organizations in Uncertain Environment' held by SMF-AICTE-XLRI collaboration: 2004
  • Faculty Representation, 1st Annual Satellite Programs Convocation Ceremony: May 2004
  • Member, Faculty Search Committee: 2002-05
  • Joint Coordinator, 6th International Annual Convention of the SMF held at the XLRI: 2003

Explore the Academic Hub to learn more about the courses I taught, and my research and publications from this specific period.


The Academic Hub

As a dedicated scholar and educator, I am passionate about advancing knowledge and sharing my research with the academic community and beyond. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to engage in a wide range of academic pursuits, from teaching and mentoring to research and publishing.

In the following sections, you will find a comprehensive overview of my academic work, including my publications, research projects, and teaching endeavors. I invite you to explore these sections, where you can access my articles, book chapters, and other scholarly contributions, as well as learn more about my research interests and teaching philosophy.



This section showcases the culmination of my research endeavors, featuring a diverse range of scholarly works that reflect my academic interests and expertise.

You will find a comprehensive collection of my publications, including Case Studies, Refereed Research, Conference Papers, and other scholarly contributions.

These works represent my commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in my field, and I am proud to share them with you.

Whether you are a fellow researcher, student, or practitioner, I hope you find my publications informative, insightful, and useful in your own academic and professional pursuits.


Student Resources

As an educator, I've committed to supporting the academic success and growth of my students. This section provides a range of helpful materials to enhance your learning experience.

You will find a collection of resources, including Course Outlines, Question Papers and Caselets, and other study materials, all designed to facilitate your understanding of key concepts.

Some well-written Assignments from bright students have been included to give students a fair idea of the performance expected of them in my class.

I hope you find these resources helpful in your academic journey and encourage you to explore and utilize them to their fullest potential.

Images in this section are from my Professional and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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