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Both International and National publications.


Samrira International: Dilemma of the Next Stage

Kakani, Ram Kumar
The Case Centre, LBS Case Reference # 314-040-1. Feb. 2014 (assisted by Kingsley Ejiofor)

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Lehman Brothers' Fall

Kakani, Ram Kumar, Vasudha Singhania & Martin Stack
Richard Ivey School of Business: Ivey Case Publishing. Case Reference no. 9B12B005. May, 2012

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Silverline Technologies Limited, Fall of an IT Giant: A Case of 'Careless Carefulness' or 'Careful Carelessness'?

Kakani, Ram Kumar, Siddhartha Saran & Santosh Sangem
Ecch on-line database, Case Reference No. 111-044-1. Aug. 2011

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Barings private equity partners limited: Banking services for the poor in Bangladesh

Kakani, Ram Kumar & Munish Thakur
Richard Ivey School of Business: Ivey Case Publishing. Case No. 9B09MB092. Aug. 2009

Case adopted by many top business schools as part of their course plan.
[Harvard Business Publishing ]

Translated into Chinese, Ivey Case Publishing, Case 9B09MB092. 2013.
[Ivey Case Publishing ]

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Revisiting Gandhigiri for Managerial Skills

Kakani, Ram Kumar & Basant Purohit
XLRI Case Development Center (XLCDC), Case XLRI151518. 2015