Life on the Other Side of the World

There is always something new and interesting to learn when we step out of our comfort zones into a new horizon of ideas and ideologies. In fact, one might agree that travelling to different cultures has definitely developed in him/her a better understanding of human emotions.

I have had the ideal opportunity to be able to experience similar magnitudes of human bonding during my trip to Nigeria ‘The Giant of Africa’; for another most awaited teaching venture that brought me to a new family-- a new lifestyle, new beliefs, different views, different cultures, but somewhere, an experience of a similar feeling of brotherhood. 

On Day 1 went exploring the new place. On Day 2 of my visit, I got a chance to visit the home of the LBS Guest House Cook, Mohammad – a male of around 35 years staying with his family (photos attached please refer ). In India, I would hardly get a chance to visit the homes of people who are economically poor. At this place, I knew I had a golden chance. Hence, after building a decent rapport with a hardworking and good human being, I visited his home—a place where life is earned through everyday hard work and honesty. There is lot to learn from the way Mohammed works (not just at the Guest House, but also at his home). He offered me some non-alcoholic malt drinks (their taste was very unfamiliar to my taste buds!). He said that a he saw a lot of Indian academicians visit LBS previously too, and he was all praises for them. He would always reiterate one thing that Indians are very firm in their principles. That was really a proud moment for me.

I met people from at least two of the biggest Nigerian tribal communities (Igbo and Yoruba). So far, it has been interesting to know about the several traditional communities there and the way the natives talk. Somehow, I sense the drivers of their life are so very different from the West OR the Orient, yet, we tend to copy-paste … most of our learning’s and thumb rules on them. It is important that we protect and respect their values as much as ours as we belong to the same tribe-- HUMANITY (and yet, share the basic education needed without hurting their values to make them able to take their own decisions).

Photographs taken during my time with Mohammad have been included in the Gallery which captures my Nigeria Trip. I hope this will make you pause and think about others like him living with the bare minimum.

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